Automated or smart homes are no longer the stuff of science fiction. OK so you may not want a fridge that orders your milk when you are running low (it is possible) but at an affordable level, you can have an incredibly sophisticated and intelligent system linking lighting, security and home entertainment, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, our designers ensure that the systems are as eco-friendly and green as they possibly can be.

Smart Home Technology

Smart homes use highly sophisticated automatic systems for simplifying using home entertainment, lighting, temperature control, security, window and door operations, and loads more functions. While audio visual and home entertainment systems are Sevenoaks’ speciality, we are just as happy to build in other automation systems as well.

Intelligent Lighting Control

If ever there was a perfect partner for a cracking, nicely spec’d movie and music system, it’s a sophisticated lighting control system. An intelligent lighting system can control all types; incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent through to the latest generation of LED’s. What’s more, the system can be controlled via an app or via a single wall touch pad that takes care of both lighting and AV. Dim the lights and roll the film!

Multi-Room Music Throughout The Home

One of our most popular home installations is a system that provides top quality music throughout the home. Carefully installed without a wire to be seen, a multi-room system will let you listen to music wherever you have a speaker plus you can all be listening to different sources at the same time: streamed music, internet radio, CD or music from your own library.

Do It Yourself?

Nowadays, video multi-room systems are extremely complex and even simple integration can be difficult. It always helps to think ahead before installing a system because it causes the minimum of disruption. If you are renovating, this is a perfect time to talk to us about a multi-room system and if need be, we can work with your architects, contractors and electricians to ensure that a system is integrated as quickly and as discreetly as possible.