Ready to create a home theater in an existing space in your home or ready for a remodel including a home theater or building a new home and want to include technology for now and future-ready?

Designs and integrates custom systems that provide years of entertainment and make your home the place to be for movie nights, big games, or just to hang out. All levels from clean and safe wall-mount TV installations to full-blown, breathtaking dedicated cinema quality theater rooms . Game and entertainment rooms also benefit from upgrades to the newest tech and we’re experienced with all of it–surround sound. Whole-home entertainment systems; high-quality universal remotes from URC; cord-cutting streaming technologies; network upgrades to handle more bandwidth; 4K UHD and 3D systems; projectors, LED/LCDs, Plasmas, whatever A/V technology is out there.

And, if your project is big (requiring permits and inspections) mytechnology | Technology Services works directly with general contractors–we have years of experience in project management (large and small). We can be your one-stop go-to source for a complete remodel, basement finish, or new home design consulation.

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