With mytechnology | Technology Services, our corporate alarm system solutions and alarm Monitoring Centre, we address a broad customer base.

Safer And More Profitable Days Are Possible

Our corporate alarm system solutions in which we combine technological innovations with our expert engineer staffs provide high protection in the most cost-effective way for your company.
While presenting our corporate alarm system solutions, we determine each institution as a separate project by identifying the needs of different sectors in the most accurate way. For example, a bank’s ATM located in Turkey’s most remote corner, a clothing store located in the city’s most crowded spot; with our expert engineers different needs are evaluated evaluate carefully from the discovery phase, and we provide the most cost effective high security.

We offer free electronic security consultancy support so that our customers can respond to any inquiries throughout any process they need.

The results that we have received due to our collaborations with leading institutions and pioneers in the field throughout all common networks within Turkey’s multi-point retail chain, such as textile, food, cosmetic, the country’s biggest banks and financial institutions to so many different sectors, positive feedback is quite gratifying.

While we solve all of your security vulnerabilities with our experienced and trusted corporate alarm system solutions, you will only benefit more in terms of your workflow, your goals, your investments and your focus on earning.

We Bring A New And Effective Dimension To Standard Security Understanding

Our new product called ‘mytechnology Video Alarm Systems’ which is in the forefront in the last period brings security concept one-step further.

Unlike standard alarm systems, mytechnology Video Alarm Systems offer our customers the opportunity to verify video within the presence of visual evidence. Our ‘Video Validated Alarm Systems’ can be controlled remotely as well as providing security for the field by responding to the needs of individual users as well as legal users.

How Does Verification Work with Video?

* In case of any unauthorized Access to your house or workplace, the camera motion detectors transmit a 10 second video of the event to the mytechnology Monitoring Centre.
* The mytechnology Monitoring Centre examines this video content to determine the cause and the reality of the alarm situation.
* When a real danger and violation of the protected area is detected, mytechnology Centre is contacted with law enforcement officers.